Temporary CCTV


Temporary CCTV

Our Temporary CCTV Equipment is rapid deployable, only requiring a standard size scaffold pole, mains supply & data cable to each camera.

We are able to erect camera(s) in a matter of minutes on any event site, subject to cabling and size of location to be covered.

Cameras are then controlled from our event control trailer, these cameras are also remotely moveable, so we can ensure you that your event is completely covered.

Q: Do you have the need for the police to be able to view all live images of the event that their cameras won’t cover?

A: Not a problem, in conjunction with our event control trailer, all LIVE camera feeds are securely accessible over the internet and to back this up we also record and keep backups of the footage.

Q: Do you require night site lighting?

A: All of our cameras are supplied with their own 150w flood light, to enable night use of our cameras

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