Event Control Trailer

August 5, 2014

Event Control Trailer

Our Event Control Trailer is based on a 20ft long purpose built chassis.

The trailer contains the main control room, comprising of:

·       Control surfaces for the selection, movement, viewing, and recording of CCTV cameras.

·       Workstation for operators to communicate via digital radio network and telephone.

·       Event Management Control, Logging incidents, responses, and decision-making.

·       Radio monitoring including instant replay and recording of radio audio.

·       Charging facilities, Radio handsets, and accessories all available in one place.

·       Kitchen facilities for staff welfare.


The trailer is an excellent alternative to a portacabin or marquee as a forward control point.

It is self contained, all equipment is set-up and ready to go upon arrival.

Just plug in and you’re ready to go!

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