Venue Medical

Your venues medical team makes or breaks a clients perception

of a safe venue


At EMS, we recognise that the perception of a safe venue starts with us. Being professionally uniformed, with high visibility vehicles provides that reassurance that your venue takes safety seriously. 

We pride ourselves on exceptionally high standards of service delivery, along with outstanding customer service, and compassionate medical care for those attending your venue. 

We  already provide medical teams week in, week out to a number of venues, including looking after 20,000 + people on a regular basis at Brighton's night time economy medical centre - Safe Space. 

Working within your venue, out of a dedicated room, we would equip the space, making it to the same standards as you would expect in a minor injuries unit. 

For those clients who require a year round service, we always invest in the right equipment for your venue, tailoring the equipment cover  to the risk and the venue - including carry chairs, wheel chairs, scoop stretchers etc.

Contact our team today and tell us about your venue medical cover requirements and receive your free, no-obligation quote. 

The Right Vehicles

From 4x4's to patient carrying ambulances, we can supply it all for your venue or site. We already have permanent vehicles out and about on client sites, co-branded, and carrying the right kit for your specific venue risks

The Right Staff

We only contract current or ex NHS staff, along with an handful of professionals from the private sector. All our our teams work 24/7 in the medical field, and this is their full time job - to look after people.

No weekend warriors here, no security guards mascarading as medical staff, nobody dual rolling here. If staff work for us part time, it's because they work in the NHS the other half !. 

We pride ourselves in having the right attitude, the right people, and the right equipment to make your event or venue safe. 

The Right Equipment 

At EMS, we won't just send out a member of staff without the right kit. We pride ourselves in being the choice of staff to work for, and we spend thousands each year making sure our teams have the latest equipment, and the latest guides.