About us



Our mission is to provide events with the best service, staff and equipment.

We believe in providing a service that doesnt shout about itself, until needed. We wont be flashing lights everywhere, disrupting your event, but rest assured, we are here when you need us. 

We use NHS trained staff, ensuring your event is covered by professionals who look after people - day in day out. No weekend warriors here !. 



We value everything about your event or venue

Looking after your staff, clients and visitors is at the core of our business

Patient centred care - with the right attitude, right kit, right staff 

We have a robust policy and procedure system, with clinical oversight.



Our staff are at the core of our business.

Started and run by a dedicated team of frontline NHS ambulance clinicians, we ensure that our staff are at the top of their game, providing top quality care to those they come into contact with. 

We provide our teams with resources and training to ensure they remain compliant, supporting learning needs and practical training days.

Vetted, trained, and experienced

We don't use the term 'medic' in our organisation - which sadly, usually means the person you are getting is an advanced first aider.

At EMS you will hear directly relatable grades to the nhs ambulance service used - because our staff ARE ambulance staff.



The event medical sector is out of scope for regulation by the CQC, and this worries us. 

We ensure that although we aren't regulated by the CQC, we keep to their standards, both with policies and equipment, and ensuring we would pass an audit if they popped in to see us !. 

We are led by operational paramedic managers, jesip and major incident trained staff, and competent clinicians. 

We have a policy and procedure for almost every scenario, everything from a vehicle cleaning schedule, to safeguarding referrals paperwork. 

All of our equipment is regularly serviced in line with manufacturers instructions.