AboutWhat are we all about ?

EMS Services are a specialist event services provider that take pride in delivering Medical, Fire and Safety support services for events across South of England. Our staff have years of experience within their chosen field. Having all this expertise under one roof allows us to deliver the highest possible service at very reasonable prices.

Due our multi-skilled staff, we can offer the following services:

Event Medical Cover
Sports First Aid
Event Safety
Road Traffic Management
Consultancy/Risk Management

Some would say we’re a one stop shop for event support. As well as fully managed services we are also able to supply “dry hire” – Please contact us for more information.

  • The Council want us to have an event control, what can you provide ?

    We have a fully equipped 20ft control room trailer that comes with:

    • A digital CCTV system, capable of handing up to 64 cameras!
    • A digital radio system, with repeaters, up to 200 handsets, and control kit
    • A recording system for the radios
    • Access to UHF and VHF radios in the trailer – to be able to interface with other services.
    • Command and control computer system, with event logging software
    • Specialist trained control staff, JESIP qualified for major incidents
    • Airwave trained staff, vetted to police standards for accessing the airwave network

    The trailer is self contained – providing backup power by generator and UPS system, along with food, drink and refreshments to sustain the operators and staff throughout the duration of an event, and into ‘extra time’ if needed during a protracted incident.

  • My Event runs with help from volunteers, Can you help?

    We are able provide you with a professional support team, to supplement your volunteers – Giving you the best of both worlds. We are able to train and equip your volunteers with some of our knowledge to provide the best service to your guests, whilst helping to keeping your costs down.

  • What can EMS provide?

    We can supply you with:

    • Traffic control and management teams
    • Safety and response staff
    • Fully liveried, modern, chapter 8 compliant vehicles
    • Medical teams and medical centres
    • Radio communications
    • Command and control trailer, with staff
    • Event CCTV, including ANPR




    A tailor made package of support, with anything from Radio communication through to overseeing a full event with YOU the client always in the forefront of our minds.

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